Murray Entertainer

Jim Murphy has operated a very successful houseboat hire business on the Murray River in South Australia commencing with one small boat in 1996 and later registering the expanded business as Quality Houseboats in 2000.

As a result of his personal research at that time, he saw there was a niche opportunity for boats with separate ensuite bathrooms for each queen-sized bedroom, not previously available in a fleet of boats.

Since then the Murray Explorer with 5 bedrooms/5 ensuites and Murray Entertainer with 5 bedrooms/5 ensuites have been built and launched.

He registered these ensuite boats as "South Australia's First Houseboat Ensuite Fleet" - and in 2018 we are still the only fleet of houseboats in South Australia which can offer each client the privacy and convenience of their own bathroom facilities.

Quality Houseboats has been acknowledged as setting new standards of accommodation in the houseboat hire industry.

Our boats are especially sought after by mature travelers who appreciate the comfort, privacy and convenience of having their own bathroom.

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